I have been coming to Vibrant Llife Chiroprctic for 2 years. I came in for relief of a chronic hip problem. First the office staff has always been kind and helpful. The adjustments from Majid have been very beneficial. But it is the foundational exercises that have been phenomenally life changing. The hip pain is completely gone, as long as I do the exercises which are super simple and easy!!!
I am pleasantly surprised at my full recovery from the painful tension in my hip and lower back.
The healing is just in time for my 3 grandchildren who have arrived this year. Lots of holding, rocking, and dancing. I am a new me!  Thanks Majid!

Laura Ann  

"I have received several sessions from Emily and each time I feel like I am getting an incredible tune-up. My body seems to quickly respond to her techniques and feels great for a long time afterwards. Emily is totally present, nurturing, intuitive, and very warm and compassionate. Vibrant Life has created a sacred safe space for healing to take place. You just have to experience it for yourself!"
-Gail Blum, CMT

"I wholeheartedly recommend Majid’s chiropractic work. In addition to his skill and expertise, I especially like the sensitive way he makes adjustments. This quality is rare in my experience with many chiropractors. He also spends more time and shows more interest than I’ve usually experienced."
-Scott Engler, MA, CMT, BCST (Cranio-Sacral Therapist)

 "Julia is much more than a massage therapist, she is a master healer. She holds the deep realms of emotional and energetic healing, while tending to the physical being. I highly recommend her!"
--Melissa Patterson, Naturpathic Doctor 

"Her wonderful touch is like a spiritual birth. Ananda is not just a masseuse, she's a healer who puts all her love and skilled expertise into every session. Exceptional!" 

- Rudy Perez, Grammy winning Producer

"Dr. Emily is truly living the vibrant life and is an inspiration. She sincerely cares about your wellness and lovingly takes her time when working with you which I so appreciate. I had ongoing neck pain which is now gone. Every time I leave the beautiful serene tranquil space I feel peacefully rejuvinated. I also had a massage appointment from Nina and it was deeply relaxing. Healing hands abound at Vibrant Life Chiropractic and Family Wellness Center!"
-Diane Trierweiler


"Dr. Majid is a true healer.He has made me aware that chiropractic work is not just about the adjustment,it involves lifestyle,good thoughts and heart.He works on my two children ,ages 3 and 11, as well and they appreciate his gentle work and kindness."
-Maria B., Mother

 "On this journey of life, sometimes we are blessed to work with master teachers and healers--the ones who have the capacity to change our resonance forever and send us on a path of deep healing. Julia is one of these amazing souls. I feel truly blessed to be working with her and I'm not exaggerating to say that she helped save my life."
--Kevin P Nave; General Contractor 

"Boy you really knocked that one out of the park! That was great and probably the best massage I'd ever had! Thank you so much."

- Michael Chiarello, Chef & Emmy Award winning Food Channel TV host


"This it is one of the most important things I have done/am doing to improve the quality of my life. My parents both believed in chiropractic work so there were no barriers, no apprehensions to seeking that mode of care, and for many many years I have enjoyed that manual manipulation form of treatment and at the beginning of my care with Dr. Emily at Vibrant Life I wondered if this was indeed the right practice for me - it's quite the different experience to work with you, rather than lay back and have the work done. Hands down this is the highlight of my week. When I arrive at the practice I feel safe and secure and my experiences continue to grow and evolve. I find it so easy to carry on the work after I leave the office - I have become so conscious of the planting of my feet to walk, to stand. I am aware of my posture with such clarity and ease - something I thought would take years to correct. And it's so much more than simply that - as I am in greater touch with my body, I feel a greater connection with others and the earth we inhabit. The opportunity to share the treatment room supports that connection and like singing with the choir and dancing with a crowd, I at the same time feel my solo transformation and that of others in the room.
Thank you for sharing your gift with us."
-Kathy Munch, Farmer


"Majid and Emily are a delightful, sensitive and caring young couple working diligently to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of others. AND, they have great taste in music! I have benefitted greatly from my sessions with Majid and look forward to regular visits to help me stay physically tuned and emotionally inspired."

-Tim Webster

 "I am a bodyworker and have been in the business a long time.  I have had literally hundreds of massages in my life and I can say without hesitation that Julia is one of the very best bodyworkers I have ever experienced. With Julia as your bodyworker you have someone with a very high skill level, a comprehensive understanding of mode and technique, a thorough knowledge of the physical body, and great hands. But this is just the beginning.      Her greatest strength is an intuitive understanding of the correct approach to each of the challenges that the physical body presents. She judges correctly without fail and applies the most appropriate healing mode, the right amount of pressure, and the most effective technique. Further, Julia is rare among bodyworkers in that she displays an extra-ordinary attention to detail and great patience. If you are looking for a bodyworker whose skill, commitment, and dedication goes far beyond the usual and predictable session then Julia is the practitioner that I recommend."  
--Paul Wheeler, CMT 

"Wow, that was amazing...wow...thank you!"

-Robin Williams, Oscar winning Actor and Legendary Comedian

 "At the time of my first visit with Dr. Emily, I was not new to chiropractic. Because of my previous experiences I was comfortable waiting for the "crack" that would make me feel better. What a surprise! There was no "crack" and since then only a quiet pop. It is difficult to explain what Emily does, but then I'm far more interested in the results than the "how and why". When she told me that it was possible to gain movement in my chest, long since fused after an operation, I was cautiously optimistic until I began to feel my chest relaxing and opening. Now, I don't even ask what she is learning from her examination of my body and what treatment technique she selects and why. Why? No anxiety about visiting a Chiropractor. No anxiety about the treatment. And certainly, no anxiety about feeling better leaving than when I arrived!

Emily is a gifted body worker using chiropractic as the foundation of her healing practice. As a Pharmacist, I am trained to investigate, to learn, to understand - and to be skeptical. As a patient of Dr. Emily, I have learned that her care results in reliable, predictable, positive results.
Emily, you rock! "

-Stan Green, Pharmacist

 "Julia is an incredible healer.  She is able to deeply perceive and to clearly and compassionately articulate what is going on both on the emotional/spiritual level and on the physical level. Her rare combination of medical intuition along with very healing hands on work has really helped me move forward. I highly recommend Julia's work."
--Ananda Apfelbaum, LMT, author of Thai Massage, Sacred Bodywork 

"My husband and I were delighted to find Dr. Emily and her refreshingly gentle and intuitive style of chiropractic. I am pleased to have become more physically active without the nagging back pain to which I was so accustomed before. We are both experiencing better posture and range of motion. Neither of us were ever athletic when we were younger, but we have even decided to take up tennis. We both agree that our improvement under Dr. Emily's care has been an extremely important part of our health care. Thanks Dr. Emily!"

-Terri Nave

 "Julia was able to see inside my body and tell me very clearly what was going on with my low back pain, where it was and what I was holding onto.  She then was able to give me workable recommendations as to how I could start to heal my back.  She did all this without me telling her anything about myself.  She has a true gift and I strongly recommend her services to anyone that happens to be living in a body. I have used her services a number of times and she is right on every time."
--Steve Berger, Life Coach 


"I fully felt and understood the power of gentleness. Under the gentle fingers my body learned let go of stress and relax into a more healthy state.
Thank you for the work."

 I just want to thank you for the sound healing journey! I was touched so deeply that I didn't want to disturb the state I went into during the evening to really let you know how great I thought it was.
It's like I got reconnected with some of my spiritual parts that I had put on the back burner while I got carried away with all of my work and travels this year. I went so deep.
--Lea Wildflower, Bodyworker and Teacher 

"I always have the sense that my session with Dr. Emily has begun as soon as I walk through the door, I instantly feel that I am being welcomed home... and the essence that we share doesn't fade away, just let yourself look into Dr. Emily's eyes, an understanding is there, of who you are at that precise moment, as trust and compassion and love dance with you under her loving care... let the healing begin!"

-Tim Paige

"Dr. Majid Zeinal is a teacher! He listens, he thinks and he answers thoughtfully.  He will teach you what it will take to achieve your goals, whether that's getting out of pain or becoming your optimal self.  If you want a miracle adjustment that is going to fix all of your problems then save your money.  If you are willing to listen and do exactly as he says then I guarantee you will be happy! There is no shortcut to optimal health!"

- N.W.