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Classes are held on Mondays at 11am and Thursdays at 9:30am

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Home Studio

200 Schuh Lane, Sebastopol

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Foundation Training

Additional Information

Dr. Majid Zeinal, D.C. is a certified Foundation Training Instructor.

Foundation Training is a posture and movement re-training exercise program developed by Dr. Eric Goodman.  It teaches you to use your core and posterior chain properly in everyday movements to decompress your spine and relieve back pain. 

Foundation Training can help with any back pain whether its lower, upper or neck pain. It can even help with shoulder pain and knee pain.

Over the last 12 years of practicing Chiropractic I have noticed that most back issues are from poor posture and daily habits that compromise  our bio-mechanics.  This is the only program that I have found that can reverse these imbalances with the least amount of work and that anyone can do. It also requires no special equipment and can be done at home.

If you have been dealing with back pain, especially lower back pain, that comes and goes or "goes out" a couple times per year then Foundation Training is for you.  I want to teach you how to use your core properly so that you are not afraid to lift your child or do what you love to do because your back might go out!

We are now offering Foundation Training  group classes and private training classes.  In these classes we will be learning how to use our transverse abdominus, aductor and sternocleidomastoid muscles to perform decompression breathing lengthening our spine and improving posture.  We will also be learning how to hinge properly and use our posterior chain muscles to perform everyday actions without causing injury.

These 1 hour classes will be held at our home studio located at 200 Schuh Lane in Sebastopol. 

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If you have a complicated or severe issue or you are very weak it is advised that you schedule a private session before you attend a group class.  If you are unsure feel free to contact us first.  Private sessions are scheduled through the office while group classes are scheduled through our website by clicking button at top of page.

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